Non-Emergency Medical

With over 40 years of experience, PRA-LLC provides comprehensive plans to cover every type of insurance you need. We provide Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance for a range of vehicles, including minivans, passenger vans, SUVs, ambulances, and other commercial vehicles.

Our team will assess the following factors to determine the best insurance coverage plan that fits your needs well:

  • Evaluate your vehicle’s value
  • Age of your vehicle
  • Type of vehicle and its features
  • Safety equipment installed for vehicle protection
  • Previous insurance claims history
  • The driver’s driving history
  • Location and travel radius
  • Assess the particular coverage needs

Depending on your needs, our experts will offer an insurance coverage plan that fits your budget and provides maximum coverage protection. We strive to provide the best insurance services to fulfillall of your insurance needs.

Get in touch with our team to see our flexible coverage plans, payment options, and more.