Accidents are unpredictable as they may occur when you least expect them. However, getting a suitable taxi insurance plan from a recognized insurance provider can be the best strategy to minimize the financial liability risks.

So, when you need a well-rounded insurance coverage plan, Preferred Risk Agency (PRA) LLC is your trustworthy provider.

Our team will assess the following when designing a customized insurance plan as per your business/individual needs:
  • Area and state of operation
  • Age of the taxi
  • The type of taxi and its value
  • Driver’s age and driving record
  • Driving history
  • Safety procedures and equipment
  • History of claims over the vehicle
  • Risk assessment for evaluating coverage needs

We provide Taxi insurance plans that offer coverage for more than traditional taxi cab businesses. Therefore, if you own an Uber cab, Lyft, or a small cab rental business, we provide specialized plans depending on your specific risk coverage needs.

Get in touch with our team for a customized taxi insurance plan that fits your needs!