How Can Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Help You?

Non emegency medical vehicle insurance service
How Can Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Help You?

Running a transportation business is not a simple task. It necessitates keeping track of all the moving pieces of a business, as well as the automobiles that move within it, the people that ride in them, and all the threats that those people and automobiles may face.

Those risks can grow even more when your business handles non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). A non-emergency medical transportation insurance service plan will help you protect your company, staff, and passengers from risks that you can see coming and those that will catch you off guard.

Insurance covers that NEMT Insurance can provide-

Non-emergency medical transportation insurance includes a bundle of coverages, the most essential of which include the following –
General Liability Coverage –

The NEMT insurance coverage covers personal injury and property damage claims at your place of business. This insurance policy also pays for the cost of legal representation, court fees, and judgments against you. A general liability insurance policy covers all types of risks for personal, property, and legal issues. These insurance policies typically start at $1,000,000 per occurrence, although higher limits are available regarding this insurance plan.

Professional Liability Coverage (PLC) –

Professional liability insurance also called “malpractice insurance,” covers you against legal claims of negligence or any other failings arising from your professional services. In the case of medical transport, this insurance plan covers your legal fees and costs that your driver, employee, or company officer is liable for, such as;

  • Negligent driving
  • For mistakes or omissions of care
  • Failure to fulfill the contractual agreements

PLC insurance service plan can protect you against the aforementioned penalties as well as the legal fees associated with defending against them, regardless of whether the case has merit or not.

Auto Liability and Property Damage Coverage –

This type of insurance plan is seemingly familiar to anyone who owns or operates a vehicle. Almost all states require vehicles to have some combination of these two types of insurance before they can be driven. Auto liability insurance protects your company from any medical, hospital, or emergency transportation costs that may come as a result of injuries caused in an accident or other mishap for which your firm is liable.

Property damage coverage protects you against the costs of repairing or replacing property damaged or destroyed in a collision for which your firm is at fault. This insurance policy covers damaged property such as motor vehicles, personal belongings within a vehicle, or permanent property such as fences, buildings, outbuildings, or landscaping.

Inland Marine Insurance –

This insurance policy provides coverage for property in transit. This insurance policy relates to the special medical equipment installed or transported inside your company’s vehicle fleet. It is essential to note that this insurance policy is separate from the physical damage insurance that provides coverage for the vehicle itself.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance Coverage –

This type of insurance plan covers the cost of medical expenses and wage replacement that might arise when your employee sustains injuries while performing their work duties. This insurance offers special coverage as it protects both the employer and employees. Employees incur no out-of-pocket expenses for injuries on the job, and they are not subject to future tort claims brought by the injured employee. Apart from this, this insurance plan also covers immediate concerns, like initial treatment and medication, as well as long-term considerations, like missed wages and ongoing care. Depending on how comprehensive your worker’s compensation insurance is, this insurance service plan can also provide coverage for funeral costs, death benefits, and legal costs in case an employee sues your business.

Umbrella Insurance –

Each type of insurance policy has specific items and situations that may fall outside of the provided coverage. Umbrella insurance plans can help an individual to cover these coverage gaps as well.

How much does the NEMT insurance service plan cost?

How much can one expect to pay for NEMT insurance services? This question is quite tricky to answer due to several reasons. Firstly, prices offered by a non-emergency medical transportation insurance company may vary significantly, as there is no set standard price for this insurance across the USA. Secondly, Insurance coverage varies significantly as well, provided your insurance policy covers all NEMT services. Finally, the price of an insurance policy may also depend on some key factors such as your business location, vehicle manufacturing year/model, condition of the vehicle, driving records, and many more. To discuss everything and to learn more, you can consult your nearby non-emergency medical transportation insurance firm and request a quote.

So, the aforementioned is some of the information about a non-emergency medical transportation insurance policy. If you are on the market looking for a quality non-emergency medical transportation insurance agency in NJ, your search can end with PRA-LLC. Please call (973) 845-6004 now and consult with our experts for various non-emergency medical transportation insurance plans and other services for complete peace of mind.