How to Get the Best Insurance for Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT)?

Non-Emergency medical vehicle insurance
How to Get the Best Insurance for Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT)?
Non-emergency medical transport insurance service plans

Have unique insurance requirements that necessitate the assistance of an insurance company that specializes in providing a wide range of NEMT policies. If you are running a business that needs this type of policy, it is best to consult an agent who has access to many companies that can shop for the policy at the best possible rate. PRA-LLC is a leading insurance firm known for delivering the best NEMT insurance plans at an affordable price. You can contact our agents to get the right insurance plans that suit your business needs.

Before you buy this type of insurance, learn a few things about it!

What is non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT)?

It is classified as the transportation of a person at a time when an emergency does not exist. This service is different from that of taxi service. The vehicles used to provide this service are typically wheelchair-accessible.

It is clearly understood that if your vehicles have flashing lights or a siren, then your services will not be classified as non-emergency medical transportation. Instead, you would be considered to deliver emergency transportation services to patients at that time.

NEMT is a transportation service offered to people/patients who need transport to and from hospitals, clinics, and certain medical appointments. For example, an individual may require this service if he wants to bring his mother or father from a nursing home to schedule dialysis in a hospital, clinic, or other healthcare facility. Many different kinds of vehicles are used to offer this service. In general, these vehicles involve the ones that can carry wheelchairs. For example- wheelchair vans! 

If you own a business that involves these types of vehicles, it’s important that you get the right insurance plan from a well-known and reputed non-emergency medical transportation insurance firm. After all, the patient’s safety and health are at risk.

Insurance Types

Coverage for physical damage

You might already have heard about this type of coverage policy. If not, here is a piece of information about this policy! Physical damage coverage is the policy that covers comprehensive and collision damage to your vehicle in case you are responsible and found guilty of an accident. It is crucial to make sure your policy is a commercial auto policy. Otherwise, coverage can be denied in case you or your workers are using that vehicle for commercial use. If you also want to inquire into coverage for any permanently attached equipment, such as a wheelchair ramp inside your vehicle, you can consult a reliable non-emergency medical transportation insurance agent. Purchasing a policy that offers coverage for equipment can cover the losses or damage caused to the equipment as well.

Auto liability

It’s a policy that offers coverage if you have accidentally hit anyone or anything. Make sure your vehicle is not on a personal auto policy. Otherwise, the losses incurred may be excluded. However, if you are using any vehicle for business use, a commercial auto policy can help offer coverage for the losses. Auto liability will cover damages caused to the property. It can also cover bodily injuries. It is best to carry medical payments on this insurance plan at the maximum amount that an auto insurance company allows. This can help cover minor accidents or small injuries your passengers may suffer.

You can discuss auto liability limits with your insurance agency from where you are purchasing the policy. In addition to these requirements, you can choose liability limits that can adequately protect you in a situation where a large loss occurs. 

General liability insurance plan

This plan will offer coverage for any incidents where you are liable to cause damage outside of hitting another vehicle. In case your passengers suffer major injuries, they might sue you for causing harm to them! In such a situation, you may want to make sure you are protected. A general liability policy will cover you under such cases.

A few other policies

Depending on your business requirements, you may need a few other policies. For example, you can consider buying a policy or insurance plan that can provide workers’ compensation, professional liability, excess liability, etc. To know more about these policies, you can discuss and ask professionals at professional non-emergency medical transportation insurance agencies

How to get the best insurance service plan for NEMT?

In order to get the best insurance for your NEMT business, it is best to do your research first. Next, consult highly experienced and skilled insurance agents and discuss your requirements. Then, they can help you buy the best insurance plan that will suit your specific business needs. 

You can contact us at PRA-LLC, one of the best non-emergency medical transportation insurance companies in NJ, offering the best and most affordable insurance policies for a wide range of vehicles. In addition, our highly trained insurance agents can help you customize the plan according to your business requirements.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us and schedule your appointment now! Buy the best policy from us and insure your non-emergency transportation vehicles. You can request a free quote also!